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Most technical projects I've worked on have a lot of knowledge sitting in the heads of individuals without an easy way to grab it from anywhere. This causes problems when key people are sick or leave the team.

The obvious choice is to set up a wiki product, but I'm quite fussy about user experience and design, and I've yet to see a wiki that looked like a properly designed content site.

This project is about making it easy to set up a functional project knowledge base, but with nice clean design and interaction to make it enjoyable to use.

Multi tenant

The project is designed to run multiple sites from a single instance, with each site isolated from the others. When you want to use the application to manage a new project, you can just configure a new 'site' but in reality a single instance of the application will be running all of the sites.


Team Brain is in the early stages of development at the moment, so a full version will take a little while to finish.

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